Tube of Venus
Tube of Venus
Rudy was one of the members of The Amused, Bedroom Musician, Bologna, Celibate Rifles, Birdhouse, Tube of Venus and the Vanilla Chainsaws.

Rudy was born in St Leonard’s Sydney Australia. His Family moved to the western suburbs of Sydney in 1965 and Rudy Studied with pass to HSC level and later went on to Tertiary Preparations and onwards to complete a B.A with majors in music and media production.

1980-84: Bass, Guitar, keys and songwriter for The Amused. Extensive touring in Australia. In 1983 released three tracks E.P: Zoom Lens/Necrophiliac/Wick to Flame.

1984-86: Various solo projects under such Pseudonyms as Dur, Demento, Devils Syndicate and Bedroom Musician, which included a cassette and vinyl release.

1986-1988: Joins Celibate Rifles as bass player and tours Australia, U.S.A and Europe. Recordings include Roman Beach Party, Platter De Jour, Sofa, Dancing Barefoot EP, and Minute to Midnight Compilation, Hard to beat compilation and his title for Spaceman in A Satin Suit was a title that Rudy composed in 1982.(The original Spaceman Piece was a cheeky and funny satire of 80s space pop).

1988 -1990: Lives in London and Europe and continues recording original work and joins Birdhouse U.K to record and Tour England and Europe again. Some works included members of The Wipers (U.S.A) and the Jesus and Mary Chain.

1990-1995: Returns to Australia and releases Bologna CD No Food For worms .In the duration of this era he was involved with ex-members of Trench Gashes, Example Head, Jesus and Mary Chain, The Wipers, Vrag, Love Shark(now Machine Gun Fellatio), Mass Appeal, Ups and Downs and New Christs. He also became the Bass man for Vanilla Chainsaws and Madnet (more touring writing and recording).Discs include Worst Place in the World, Under the Gun, and Madnets debut album.

1995-2015: new album The Erosion of Gravity ready for release. Works with Geoff Milne (Eastern Dark) in Tube of Venus and an old punter friend Brian Seymour. Some of the Above Mentioned Musicians were involved in the CD.

Received a Dolphin award for best protest environmental song 2005.

Rudy leaves the north coast and forms the new Tube of Venus with Ian Muir(Amused) and Andrew Richards(State of Decay).The Amused reform and play the Excelsior Sydney and DVD Release available (also a 1983 concert in Liverpool available on DVD)

2018: Argento released